Instagram Links and what they mean for your music marketing campaign

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The day has finally come – ok, it’s been a few days already but after checking I also now have full access to the Instagram Link sticker AND the ‘Add Yours’ sticker (a new sticker that creates a public thread in Stories).

I for one will absolutely miss the swipe up feature, sometimes framework can shape creativity and the current Instagram link sticker does not look pretty. But neither do most of the fonts, and after all we’ve been promised improvement on that front.

Now what are the actual advantages of the link sticker as opposed to the swipe up?

Mainly that currently means two things: no more ‘link in bio’ restrictions for small accounts (at least on stories) AND affiliate links for everyone.

Let’s talk affiliate links – what are affiliate links and how can you use them?

I first came across and made money with them when I was a part-time blogger well over 10 years ago. (I used to work with ZANOX – now Awin)

Affiliate links are part of performance based marketing. Affiliate marketing, simply put, is when you promote a product and in return for sales you generate you receive commission.

Different affiliate programmes will generate different links that you can implement into your marketing strategy once you sign up, and generate sales (or also simply drive clicks) you will make profit.

Now, how as a musician can you monetise your presence via affiliate marketing?

  • Create gift guides for fans of different songs of yours – Christmas is coming up after all
  • If you like books, share them on a regular basis and link them via the Amazon affiliate program
  • Promote Amazon Music Unlimited and make £4.50 for every sign up you drive
  • Sign up to the Apple Services Performance Partner Program as a content partner
  • Join a fashion/ influencer affiliate programme to be able to link outfits of yours and monetise them


*There currently is no Spotify affiliate programme

Lastly, ALWAYS declare the affiliate program visibly to your audience.

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