How to take your social media strategy into the future

Imagine there was a list of 5 things you need to take your social media strategy to the next level? Wouldn’t that be great?

After my recent stint on a panel at Music Week Tech Summit 2019, I wanted to outline the most important takeaways from the day. Zane Lowe/ Music Week summarised the day, ‘Increase engagement, break an artist? It’s not rocket science if the artist doesn’t suck “I don’t see how any amount of followers is going to change that the song sucks. Taste will out, always.” – read more from Zane here.

So how can you improve your social media strategy nicely, no matter what size artist or brand you are?

QUESTION THE USER EXPERIENCE -Starting from the feed, your artists’ profile to the content.
Ever thought about the impact it has when you add ‘link in stories’ to your caption but a fan sees the post 24 hours later in their feed? Next time, think twice about that.

KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE – What makes them tick, where do they live, that means actual location as well as the platform they use to communicate with you.

YOUR FANS ARE MICRO-INFLUENCERS – You have literally a pool of people who already align with your artist, make use of it. Peer to peer sharing is invaluable for a digital marketing campaign , taste-making isn’t dead.

SCALE THE UNSCALABLE -If your aim is to build your profile on social media, then invest time in speaking to your fans. Invest time in giving back, this thing called social media is not a one-way conversation per association

AUTHENTICITY IS KEY – A one dimensional approach is firstly boring, secondly not going to build a long-lasting artist career or sustain a brand. Authenticity is personality, engagement principles, tone of voice and specifically how you talk to your fans.

SIDE NOTE: Guess why Taylor Swift isn’t scheduling her tweets any more – instead of posting via Media Studio or other scheduling tools T Swift is constantly posting via iPhone, made to look like (or is) directly from her phone to her fans feeds. Clever!

Thanks again for Music Week having me at the Music Week Tech Summit this year, read up more on the panel hosted by Sammy Andrews, including Facebook’s Vanessa Bakewell, I Am Pop’s Tim Heineke and Landmrk’s Tom Nield shared their key insights on the trends for digital marketing here.

This article was originally posted on www.be-hookd.com/blog on October 22, 2019.

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